1. Look you guys! I was IMDB’ing Peter Capaldi after he was revealed to be the Twelfth Doctor. And look what role he played in World War Z! 

    Foreshadowing much?



    ARGUS FILCH (sans Miss Norris)

    DETECTIVE INSPECTOR LESTRADE (so Dinosaur’s your department, eh Inspector?)

    AND …


    If this coming together of awesomeness will not do it, then the Tumblr reactions of Whovians following next Saturday’s show will, I fear, rip a hole in the time space continuum or I dunno, cause the wall of reality to crack (again) out of sheer compressed brilliance. This has to be a massive collision of the fandoms. 

    I’ll just let Tenth say it. Moffat, you are


  3. I finished The Wedding Of River Song, The Doctor, the Widow & the Wardrobe, and the Pond Life series (those were short and sweet but could have been longer and sweeter but still, le cliffhanger!) today …

    AND … I’M ON TRACK! 


  4. Just finished The Wedding of River Song. Love love River in all her massive curly glory! It’s ‘The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe’ now and then I’m catching up to you, you DAA-LEKS!

  5. The picture on the side appeared as I was reading the Doctor Who news article beside it. It had no significance whatsoever to me at first besides the fact that it was downright creepy and reminded me of something I couldn’t bother to remember. But then the Doctor sense took over and it occurred to me what it reminded me of. It reminded me of The Master when he was making every human on earth a clone of himself in The End of Time, and how the transformation - the violent shaking of the head - looked just like the statue in this picture. And I don’t know why I wrote in such length about this. Good night. 


  6. Did not receive email from BBCAmerica about the Doctor Who NYC Screening ticket sweepstakes. Guess I didn’t get it. Again.

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    How a face forms in the womb

    So you see, children, you were all born ugly …

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  9. I nominate Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair.

    And Jessica Chastain for Johanna Mason.

    That’s all!

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    Descartes for the modern age.

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  12. The actors reading their character’s first appearance in the books

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  13. I finally got myself to watch the final Harry Potter movie tonight. Now what do I do with my life?

  14. Eric Cahan - Sky Series.

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